Conscious Awareness & Health 

by Joyce-Anne Soots
Aroma - and Nutrition Therapist
Holistic Cluster

There isn’t anyone on our planet earth that is not affected by the reverberations of what’s happening in it. Materialism, competition, greed, corruption, and comparison on massive scales as never seen before has its tentacles grounded deeply in our global society.

On one hand, true face to face communication connections, building communities,  with people have been severely retarded and deformed by the lack of purity of heart and ulterior motives. Many people are indeed dealing with their base, animalistic desires or lower selves.

On the other hand, and generally speaking, most people don’t like to feel bad and out of balance as in the above-mentioned situations. But also don’t know what to do or where to turn to, and feel completely lost. There is no blame, guilt or fault intended here because they are not equipped and haven’t developed the ideas or education on critical problem solving or how to get out of the vicious circle. This is because mainstream institutions and society at large do not lend itself to the education of the heart.

That being said, we always have a choice to start somewhere. I believe the individual must, first of all, start by choosing love above fear because as we all know, we live in a fear-based society. Bringing about this awareness in oneself challenges one to question their (BS) meaning, belief system, and their perceptions. In other words, personal investigation of truth, why do you believe what you believe? Is it something that you were told as a child? Does the belief serve you? Is it true for you? Is it a belief that is inhibiting you to move forward in your life? Do you see with Your own eyes, hear with Your ears and listen to Your heart? Or someone else's? Are you willing to open yourself to developing your true authentic power?

For example, as children, we are not taught to love ourselves. This is a grave, gross loss and depravity for the individual and it becomes a lifelong battle for one to learn how to love him/herself and to heal their life. Very often our self-talk defeats us, tramples our self-esteem and wrecks havoc on our health and in our daily lives. This accumulation over time, year after year is totally crippling, debilitating and stealing our vitality, authenticity, and joy from our beings and certainly our prolonged quality of life. How sad indeed that human beings experience so much loss!

This brings me to the point of first learning to love the self, to strive to have unconditional love at the center of our beings, in our hearts. Love is the greatest power in the universe and the most wonderful of all living powers that hold everything together, and it reveals unfailingly the limitless power and the mysteries latent in the universe. It means accepting that we are all tri-beings. Body, mind, spirit or soul and that the greatest and largest part of us is rooted in the eternal.

It is also my belief that when we take everything away that we are not, we are love. So how is it that we have wasted so much time thinking and dealing with fear-based thoughts? The answer is very clear, because of our personal belief system and perceptions.

Everything is energy, the thoughts we think, the food we eat, the water we drink, including our environment and it all affects our biology. All of the above affects us on a cellular level; if our choice of food and drink is bad for us, it affects our internal organs and our bodily functions. The same goes for our thoughts, if we are thinking negative and destructive thoughts, it affects our health in a very negative manner. Love and thinking loving thoughts about yourself,  others, including life situations, and environment affects the cells of your body in an extremely positive manner and will certainly contribute to sustaining your body’s health.

That being said, I am now very happy to be a part of the team who’s involved in Marya’s Angeltorium where our group of professionals are involved in the healing process of the planet and to say that there is a place where people can turn to for this kind of much-needed education nowadays. There is a great need for us to shift our energies from fear-based to love-based thoughts and actions, starting with ourselves because there is a great revolution taking place on the planet and that is the Revolution of Consciousness. People are waking up!

At the moment, in the clinic, I offer Holistic healing through Aromatherapy and Holistic Nutrition. Below are just some of the benefits.

Aromatherapy Health Benefits:

  1. Relieves stress
  2. Acts as Antidepressant
  3. Boost Memory
  4. Increases Energy Levels
  5. Accelerates Healing
  6. Reduces Headaches
  7. Regulates Sleep Patterns
  8. Strengthens Immune System
  9. Relieves Pain
  10.  Improves Digestion, constipation & bloating
  11.  Balances Energy in the Body
  12.  Relief  in Skin Conditions

I use only top quality organically grown essential oils from Young Living. They are guaranteed from seed to seal, which means that none of the plants are grown from GMO seeds, sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. It is of great value to know that plants and vegetables which are genetically modified, in this case, essential oils cannot heal the body because the cells of the human body do not recognize it nor does it know what to do with it. There are many Scientific articles you can find to read and learn more about it.

On my journey, and while studying Aromatherapy I soon discovered the importance of being proactive in one’s health. I realize that most people really don’t think about it until they’ve become sick or adverse health issues occur. However, there are many people who are feeling generally unwell, low energy, lethargic, suffer from insomnia, or other disrupted sleep patterns and depression. Many others feel like there is really nowhere to turn to, except to pharmaceuticals for help as a solution. While in some cases conventional medicine may hold true, in others we know it can become a downward spiral of side effects, which in turn can make one's health worsen with more drugs to take for every new side effect. That is because conventional medicine in most cases treats the symptoms without first discovering the cause or the root of the problem.

Aromatherapy can be a very good starting point, along with Holistic Nutrition as it addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Meaning, that it treats the body as a whole, and healing from the inside out. Preventative methods and staying healthy should be at the top of everyone's list. When we're young and healthy we assume we have no reason to change anything we're doing. Whether it be the foods we eat, the habits we have or the thoughts we think. This, of course, is not true because we know that everything in our environment affects us. We all seem to be on autopilot and no one is really flying the plane. In other words, we all need encouragement to take responsibility and get in control of our health. We have to become proactive and look for new ways to approach our lifestyles.

I now have had many experiences of healing the body holistically with food, plant medicine known as essential oils and sharing my knowledge to help others heal as well.

Joyce-Anne Soots
Aroma - and Nutrition Therapist
Holistic Cluster

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